Comes to Life

Newland Communities cultivates communities where families can live in harmony with the land for generations to come. For more than four decades, Newland has been planning and creating innovative communities in the United States from coast-to-coast. Before it was popular to do so, Newland has looked for ways to protect and restore the land it develops, preserving or improving wetlands and natural topography, and integrating them into the community itself. With a unique mix of homes and amenities to create a welcoming and engaging sense of community, the Tehaleh® community is intended to be a place where nature and community have found the perfect balance.


Balancing Nature and Community

Designed to maximize the proximity and views to Mount Rainier, the woods, wetlands, ponds, meadows, and trails in the Tehaleh community form a strong, enduring connection with the community, intentionally integrating the forest and built environment. With the name derived from Native American language meaning “highlands” or “the land above,” the Tehaleh community has been recognized for achievement in sustainability conscious land and community planning, qualifying for the highest tier from the regional building association’s Built Green community program.

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