Trails and Open Space

Walking trail

Sitting rocks at The Post overlooking Kite Park

Tehaleh Pass

Tehaleh walking trails

Tehaleh Pass

Tehaleh walking trail

Ponder park welcomes you as you enter the community

Great view of Mt Rainier from Tehaleh




Cairn at the entrance of Tehaleh

There is a lot to play on at Sprouts Holler

Ponder park cairn

A great place to rest at Ponder park

Sprouts Holler park

Sticks 'n' Stones park

Yonder park nestled next to Trilogy at Tehaleh



Community Events 2013

2013 Parade of Homes-Rhubarb

2013 Parade of Homes-Gardening Lessons

2013 Parade of Homes-Patio Furniture

2013 Parade of Homes-Free Gourmet Food Trucks

2013 Parade of Homes-Chef Lynn

2013 Parade of Homes-Tour the Fire Truck

2013 Parade of Homes-Dogs Galore

2013 Parade of Homes-A Place to Sit

2013 Evergreen Trail Run - Soaring Eagle

2013 Evergreen Trail Run - Rain...what rain?

2013 Evergreen Trail Run Fun

2013 Evergreen Trail Run Runners

2013 Evergreen Trail Run for All Ages

2013 Evergreen Trail Run - Victory at the End

2013 Holiday Spirit at The Post

2013 Santa's Mailbox at The Post

2013 Holiday Decorations at The Post

2013 Living Wall on the Holiday

2013 Parade of Homes-Balloon Magic

2013 Donald Eismann Year End Party



Model Homes

Lennar Buckhorn

Quadrant Vanguard

Richmond American Dundee

Shea Monaco



Resident Events 2013

2013 Brewery Night-Doug and Michelle Dyche

2013 Brewery Night-Amy & Chuck Vandenberg

2013 Brewery Night-Joel & Tiffany Sutter

2013 Brewery Night-Terry & Charlene Jarvis

2013 Brewery Night-Dave & Karol Vickerman

2013 Brewery Night-Dale & Charlene Sain

2013 Brewery Night-Dale & Chrstina Groven

2013 Brewery Night-Steve & Maureen Sinclair

Instructions on Beer Making

2013 Brewery Night Fire Pit Fun

2013 Brewery Night-Laughs with Friends & Neighbors

Skatepark Opening

Homeowner BBQ/2013-Sitting in the Warming Hut

Homeowner BBQ/2013-The Peters Family

Homeowner BBQ/2013-Quality Time

Homeowner BBQ/2013-Fun for All Ages

Homeowner BBQ/2013-Neighbors meeting Neighbors

Homeowner BBQ/2013-Food and Friends

Homeowner BBQ/2013-Where is the Mountain?

Homeowner BBQ/2013-Getting out of the Rain

Homeowner BBQ/2013-Rain doesn't Scare Us

2013 Holiday Spirit Winner-The Rhyter Family

2013 Holiday Part-Eric Ode; Author Storyteller

2013 Holiday Party-Best Theme Contest Winner

2013 Santa and the Grinch at The Post



The Post

Don't forget to grab a treat before or after your hike at The Post

Caffe D'arte carefully tailor each drink ensuring a memorable experience at The Post

Enjoy a hand crafted beverage from Caffe D'arte or locally made treat at The Post

The Post is a natural gathering place where you can get information on the community, meet up at the main trailhead for a hike, and catch up with friends at Caffe D’arte.

Can't you see yourself sitting around the fire, watching the perfect sunset at The Post?

The Post is the perfect place to gather with friends



Resident Events 2014

2014 Brewery Night - Rochelle and Sam

Hmm...What goes best with Beer?

2014 Our Ladies of Brewery Night

Bouncy Fun at the Egg Hunt


2014 Walking to Brewery Night

2014 Brewery Night Fun

Hey Mom, who is this guy?

Did I get everything?

A three person job!

So many eggs, so little time

I don't have a green one

Father Daughter Easter Fun

Food and Fun for all ages

A Perfect Day!

Seahawk Pride at the Egg Hunt

Roaring at the Egg Hunt

Face painting at the Egg Hunt

Spring May-ham at The Post