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Kite Flying at Kite Park in Tehaleh

10 April . 2019

Outdoor Play at Tehaleh

Remember the days when all you had to do was play? When your mom would tell you to come back home when the streetlights came on? For Tehaleh families, those days are here again. Parents are thrilled to see their kids discover the outdoors, creating new adventures with friends from the neighborhood, just as they did growing up. One thing's for sure, there's no kid left inside in Tehaleh.

Your clients will love the close connection to nature that Tehaleh offers.  It’s a community that fosters healthy life habits from an early start. Studies have shown that when children explore the outdoors they are also benefiting their cognitive development, building confidence, boosting social skills, memory retention, emotional stability, imagination, and creative problem solving. All that from playing in the outdoors!

With a direct view of Mount Rainier, Tehaleh is peppered with parks and trails – a natural playground for children (and the people who love them too).

There are over twenty miles of trails, for biking and walking, connecting neighborhoods throughout the community and opening a child’s world to bugs, slugs, trees, and plants. Following the trail map leads to new sights, smells, sounds, and even native animals.

Kids can also take their energy and enthusiasm to one of the eleven unique parks in the community including Expedition Grove where kids can embark on the "discovery path" full of surprises - including a climbing tree fort, totem pole, and animal prints! . Perfect for older kids, The Edge, will inspire thrills at the skate park and graffiti wall. For younger kiddos, Sprouts Holler, next to the award-winning Donald Eismann Elementary School, features a scooter park and speedy slide built into the hillside. Kids can hop from tree stump to tree stump at  Sticks ‘N Stones park or enjoy the thrill of adventure on our new Challenge Trail.

Parents also love the close-network of families, meaning there is always someone looking out for the kids and neighbors develop close friendships. Liz Johnson, a Tehaleh resident and real estate professional says, “What I love about living here is that my son can just go play outside… we don’t have to arrange playdates, he has playmates!”

Residents and visitors also connect at The Post, our Visitor HQ that features Caffé D’arte, a locally owned coffee shop, and large windows for taking in the expansive views of the forest and Mount Rainier. Kids love to climb up on the stools and order a hot chocolate, Italian Soda, or an item off of the secret menu (yes, there is such a thing!). A weekly Reading Circle, hosted by the community HOA, brings dozens of parents and their little ones together for a story and craft. 

Encourage your clients to rekindle the nostalgia of outdoor fun at Tehaleh.

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