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14 July . 2019

Meet the Walk-a-Latte Ambassadors

Do your clients want the real dirt on living in Tehaleh? Well, look no further than the resident volunteers who make up the Tehaleh Ambassador team. Each Ambassador offers a unique perspective and can share what drew them to the community, provide honest feedback on their builder experience, point out their favorite parks and trails and ease any worries your clients might have about making new friends. 

Meet Ambassadors John and Eileen who are proud to call Tehaleh home. Eileen remembers having to drag John to Tehaleh for the first time. She had fallen in love with the community on previous visits but they had been in the same semi-custom home for 21 years and John did not see any reason to leave. When Eileen was finally able to convince John to drive through Tehaleh the beauty and tranquility won him over and John urged Eileen to sign a purchase document that very day. The rest is history! They’ve been happy homeowners and an active part of the Tehaleh Ambassador program for the past five years. As Eileen says “I feel my blood pressure drop every time I start up the hill to home.”

Here are just a few of the reasons they love being here:

  • “We love to stop at Caffe'D’arte for a latte during our walks. It’s our way of meeting new neighbors and making new friends. We like to say we Walk-a-Latte”. Nestled in The Post our information center is the Caffe' D'arte where the baristas will brighten your day with your go-to order, lunch or snack.


  • “The view is amazing everywhere you go in Tehaleh.” The atmosphere is relaxing and the Mount Rainier views are calming.


  • “As a home inspector I feel confident in recommending the construction quality at Tehaleh.” Combining superior craftsmanship, a wide range of customization options, and personalized customer service, our homebuilders offer premier quality and value.


  • “We walk all the time and never see the same thing. It’s always fun to discover new trails.” Tehaleh has over 30 miles of trails and 13 parks to make walking and being outdoors a magical experience.


  • “People are always lending their neighbors a hand, just like it used to be when we were growing up.”  Friendly neighbors and a caring environment are often a big selling item for realtors selling in Tehaleh.


  • “It’s fun to see such a huge diversity in one community and watch how they work together.” Tehaleh has homes for everyone.  Whether your clients need a home for their multigenerational family, first-time homebuyer, single professional, or 55+ active lifestyle, Tehaleh can meet their needs.


Would your clients benefit from a conversation with John and Eileen? 

 If your clients need more personal information about life in Tehaleh, please contact Willow Flint, Marketing Coordinator and Broker Advocate for Tehaleh at (253) 205.8190. Describe the family orientation and lifestyle of your clients and Willow will set them up with the Ambassador that can relate to them.


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