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Welcome Back, !

Help us create a great community for you, or if you've already shared and want to make changes, click here.

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"Amazing." "Spectacular." "Neighborly." "A great place to grow up." "Close to everything."
Read on to discover why residents love it here in Tehaleh®.

“I really feel like I’m doing my kids a service. This is a great place to grow up. They can ride their bikes down the street, build a fort in the woods, or run races down the walking paths and I don’t have to be watching them every second.” —Riely H.

“Driving in and out of the community every day I see my mountain and it is majestic and spectacular. I’m like, ‘Hello mountain.’” —Lisa P.

“Our house has a very smart layout—lots of space for entertaining and nice large rooms. One of the biggest selling points for us was the two sinks in the upstairs bathroom—a huge deal when you have three growing girls!” —Seth P.

“The Olympics are in one direction and Mount Rainier is in the other—it’s very beautiful, peaceful, and quiet. We’re hikers at heart, and it’s nice to have miles of trails right here in our own neighborhood. We just walk out the front door, find a trail and go.” —Susan R.

“At Tehaleh, there are several builders and the houses all look different, but they have a cohesive feel—it feels like a true neighborhood.” —Cameron A.

"I love it here. The mountain view is gorgeous. There is a café walking distance & the trails are our favorite for our family." - Kelly G.

"My husband & I come almost every weekend because it feels like we are miles away from the city. We love the woods, the view of the mountain; the people are always so nice. We love to walk the trails & sit by the fire & chat outside all year round. We always meet new people too." -Guest

"Love the views of Rainier! The proximity of shopping Fred Meyer, Target, Home Depot is Fantastic! Friendly Staff!" -Jerilyn H.

“We went to the park on a sunny day and, from the get-go, everyone was so friendly. We felt like it was the perfect place for our family to set down roots.” Jason C.

“We’re older and when it snowed, I woke up, looked outside and saw that our sidewalks had already been shoveled.” —Terry P.

“It feels like we’re on vacation 24/7, but we’re actually right down the street from our friends.” Charlene S.

“The things we love most are the trails, the beauty of the forest, the incredible views… having that majestic mountain staring back at you never gets old.” Lisa P.

We toured this beautiful community, and then we took one look at the amazing school, the facilities, the quality of teachers and programs, and just knew we had to live here. —Tiffany S.

“We’re 10 minutes away from everything—where else can you find that?” Charlene S.

"I love the community feeling. Everyone is always smiling & in good spirits. It is a beautiful place to walk around & explore. Perfect for EVERYONE!" -Angie V.

"We love living at Tehaleh because living here is like being on vacation 24/7!" -Jeremy T.

"I love the sense of community we have here! Everyone we have met has been friendly and inviting! We love that our son will grow up in a place as beautiful as Tehaleh is! There is nothing about Tehaleh that we don't love!" -Samantha K.

“It’s all of the best things about Washington State, all in one place. We love the woods and the trails. There’s the best view of Mount Rainier and the stars at night are just incredible.” —Cameron A.

“Everything we thought we were getting at Tehaleh has been true – it’s even exceeded our expectations. —Jason C.

We’re close to everything we need, creating friendships with neighbors and maintaining a community.” —Tom S.

“We kept hearing about the highly rated Donald Eismann Elementary. Once we found out it was in the center of this amazing community, we were hooked!” —Roshelle L.

“We looked at pretty much every house in West Seattle, Auburn, and Lake Tapps. But nothing was [as] reasonably priced, large enough, or a good enough value for our money.” —Annie S.

"We go on [the trails] daily because we always find something new out there to see and explore." -Amanda E.

"We absolutely love our community and all the activities that involve the kids." -Jossalyn B.

"As soon as I make the turn into Tehaleh, I get a smile on my face!  I love all of the trails, trees and quiet!  It drops my blood pressure immediately!  I LOVE IT!" -Dean I.

"I love being able to take my dog on walks on the trails." -Atalie D.