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19 September . 2016

Live, Work, Play

If you’re thinking about moving to Tehaleh, chances are you’ve already meet Willow Flint. As the Marketing Coordinator in Tehaleh, she’s here to answer any questions about the community and take her word for it, she recently became one of the newest residents!

“I want to be able to live, work, and play in the same place without having to drive far,” she says. “I’m at the age where that appeals to me. One day, Tehaleh will be a self-sufficient community, and I look forward to that. This is a great place to put down roots.”

Mom Approved
“As I grow, I find that the happiest people I’ve met are those who have moved on from the past and created new futures,” explains Willow. “My future is where my mom lives with me. It has to be self-contained—happy, pretty, friendly—and that’s Tehaleh. You can’t hang on to the past and be happy. Who wants to stay in a house that doesn’t fit them anymore, but they can’t move on from their stuff? It’s just stuff. My mom loves it here. It’s gorgeous, and she loves to see the mountain every morning. She goes to the window and says, ‘there’s my mountain.’”

Less Work, More Play
“My husband really likes it here. His yard work was reduced from 90 minutes to 15 minutes. He brags to everyone about it,” says Willow. “The community friendliness is part of our everyday life. My husband goes to the mailbox and is gone for 30 minutes, chatting with people in the community. In fact, he has become much more outgoing since we moved to Tehaleh.”

Hounds at Home
“My dog, Dash, loves Tehaleh too,” says Willow. “I’m excited to take him on the trails and look forward to taking him to Hounds Hollow, the new off-leash dog park.”

Home is Where the Heart is.
“The whole house is perfect for entertaining,” says Willow. “I love the hand-scraped wood floors and the way the light floods through the windows, creating an airy feel. When friends and family come over, we all end up hanging out in the kitchen. But somehow it still feels cozy when it’s just my husband and me.”

“My husband loves how the master suite is in the back of the house. He can relax and get away when he needs to. Guests have their own space, but you can’t hear anything up there. So they don’t hear you and you don’t hear them.” Willow explains her favorite room in the house is her master closet, “I simply love my master closet. It’s bigger than my work office. It’s amazing. I could fit a queen-size bed in there. This is the only house where you’ll hear, ‘You have to see this closet.’”

Next time you stop by The Post, say hi to Willow!