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What It's Like to Live Here, From the People Who Live Here

Don't take our word for it. Reach out to get an insider's take from residents of Tehaleh who love living here so much, they volunteer to share it with you. With some information from you, we can pair you with the right Resident Ambassador and they can give you a day-in-the-life snapshot of what it’s like to live in our neighborwoods community.

How to Connect With a Tehaleh Resident Ambassador

Complete the form below so we can connect you with the right Tehaleh Resident Ambassador.

Our team will pair you with an Ambassador based on the information you provide.

A Tehaleh Resident Ambassador will reach out to set up a meeting date and time.

Meet our Resident Ambassadors

Alexandria Caver

Alexandria Caver

Resident Since 2019

This is a strong family community where people can belong and be a part of. Our daughter has made more friends here than she has ever had before and the feeling of everyone watching out for you makes you feel safe and part of a family. We can’t imagine living anywhere else.
Brian and Jennifer

Brian & Jennifer Roediger

Residents Since 2018

When our realtor showed us Tehaleh, we were in love! The friendly and welcoming atmosphere of The Post reminded us of our favorite neighborhood coffee shop back home in Maryland, and the people we met were just so kind!
Jeff and Mary

Jeff & Mary Hirschman

Residents Since 2015

Mary and I have lived in Tehaleh for 7 years and what a ride it has been. We would never have imagined seeing a herd of Elk not more than a mile from our front door, nor witnessing the ever-changing Mt.Ranier which we see almost daily.
Jaclyn Hahn

Jaclyn Hahn

Resident Since 2016

I was drawn to the small-town feel of Tehaleh, where connecting with others is natural. My husband liked what he calls the resort feel, the beauty and calming effect it has on those who live here. I love being part of the community's pulse and sharing my knowledge and excitement with others.

Nick Jonas

Resident Since 2018

I love how easy it has been to make friends, the networking between neighbors, and the passion that everyone has for their community. Living here has made me optimistic about the “new normal.” I don’t believe anything will change here when it comes to our commonalities.

Marilyn Thoms

Resident Since 2015

As an Ambassador for Tehaleh, I feel that my strengths begin with my first trip down Cascadia Blvd, when I knew immediately that I was "at home." In 9 full years here my love affair with Tehaleh has no bounds! I love the feel of the mountain, the forests, the trails, the critters and the people: all of Nature, all of the Heart of Tehaleh. And with nearly 6 years working in the community, I know that sharing my stories of Tehaleh leaves a lasting impression on others. Reach out to me and you'll long to be here too!
John and Eileen Dupras

John & Eileen Dupras

Residents Since 2014

When we decided to become Ambassadors for Tehaleh we took the responsibility very seriously. We have lived here for 8 years and enjoyed all the amenities. We pinch ourselves every day to be able to walk for coffee, through natural parks full of trees, flowers, dogs, birds and bunnies. It’s like a permanent vacation with views that take our breath away. The care that goes into Tehaleh is contagious. Neighbors helping each other. Bike trails. Dog park. Community garden. And the list goes on.
Bob and Sallie Browny

Bob & Sallie Brown

Residents Since 2015

We are Sallie and Bob. When we retired, we were looking for our forever home. We found it in Tehaleh. Under the watchful eye of Mount Rainer, we are surrounded by family, friends and nature. Throughout the four seasons we are amazed and delighted by our surroundings. We would love to share our experiences with you.
Lynn and Nancy Hurley

Lynn & Nancy Hurley

Residents Since 2015

We have lived in Tehaleh since 2015. We love the community, our home, the trees and greenery, the trails and pretty much everything about living here. Being a Trilogy Ambassador is just an added bonus.

Make the Connection

To pair up and chat with a Tehaleh Resident Ambassador, fill out the form below and we’ll connect you within three business days. Our Ambassadors are available by text, email, phone, or an in-person chat. Please share some details about your needs and what you’re looking for so we can pair you up with the Ambassador that’s right for you.

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Thrivability, Initiatives for better Living at Tehaleh

Good living is built in at Tehaleh. Every detail matters—from the accessibility of the homes and community areas to the well-being of families and our forest community. Thrivability is what makes our community so unique.

Thrivability at Tehaleh

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