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Resident Stories

What Our Residents Say

What brings people to Tehaleh? Is it the 14 parks, miles of northwest trails, the friendly neighbors? Or all the above? See what attracted our residents—your future neighbors—to Tehaleh. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more for more resident stories.

The trail systems keeps growing

“I started a fitness group here in Tehaleh because I wanted to build a business around community and my neighbors. We started with a group of 4-6 people and now we have 150 people around the neighborhood that come out at all times of year to work out together. We love Discovery Park for yoga, and our run club gets all overusing the trails. I like that the trail system keeps growing: each time you go out on a run, there's something new to explore!”


We meet a lot of people at the park

"We moved to Tehaleh in October 2014 and were the first house on the street. We spend a lot of time reading—we're both voracious readers and can go through five or six books a week! We also collect artwork—we like to support indigenous women artists. And we love our animals. We own adopted cats and dogs, and frequently take the dogs to Tehaleh's off-leash dog park. We meet a lot of people at the park and the dogs absolutely love it there."

Gretchen and Ken

A friendly, embracing environment

“Tehaleh just felt different; it felt more friendly. A lot of people interact here. The first time my boyfriend and I came here actually, almost everyone we came across spoke to us—it was a friendly, embracing environment. Also—this view! And the café was one of the winners for me—as a resident, I love grabbing coffee, walking on the trails, enjoying the mountain view and taking pictures.”

Amber and Stephanie

Our neighborhood is pretty tight

“We're best friends from pickleball, and we know each other best on the court. We come here no matter the weather - we even play in the snow and the rain! We love everything about Trilogy. My daughter came to visit and said it's like an adult summer camp. Everyone in Trilogy is at the same stage of life and looking to make friends. Our neighborhood is pretty tight.”

Joey, Susan, Merodee, and Kandy

My family is pretty active and Tehaleh is built around that

“My family is pretty active and Tehaleh is built around that. We go on the trails, out running, and take the kids to all the parks. But I also love the nearby YMCA in Sumner. I wanted to join a local gym when I moved here, and what I love about the Y is that no matter what season of life I’m in, I can find something useful there. When I got pregnant, I started attending the Y's Women’s Wellness Retreats and got to surround myself with other women. The biggest blessing has been their child watch – they watch my two kids while I work out, or I can drop off the younger one and spend some one-on-one time with my oldest. It’s priceless."


Our children love the zip line

“We came to Tehaleh three or four times and fell more in love with it every time. We've lived here for about two months now and we enjoy taking our children to Big Sky Park—they love the zip line!”


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View of Mount Rainier in Tehaleh

It's a small town feel here

“We like to go on bike rides, spend time with the neighbors, and our favorite trail is the one with the rope swing. It's a small town feel here, and we love it. The kids are also in a great STEM program at their elementary school. They do a lot to get both boys and girls interested in the STEM subjects—it's awesome. One of the main reasons we chose Tehaleh was the mountain view—just driving in and out every day, you can't help but just say, 'this is awesome'.”

David, Shelby, Talin, and Lunden

Live, work, play never have to leave

“We started The Land Above magazine because we love our community and we wanted to create a positive magazine that everyone could enjoy. It comes out every single month and we partner with resident photographers and writers to contribute. We moved here three and a half years ago and we love being surrounded by nature. You can live here, work here, and play never have to leave!”

Brean and Richard

My daughter is the main reason for us to be here

“My daughter is the main reason for us to be here. Her first ten years are memorable, so we wanted to give her an experience with this clean air every day and keeping a healthy state of mind. It's going to have an impact on her for the rest of her life."

Siva and Kayil

Being so close to nature is really awesome

“One of the big reasons why we chose Tehaleh was because of all the trails here. Being so close to nature is really awesome. Nowhere else compares.”


We look forward to growing old here

“We moved here in June and every day we got the bikes out from the garage, visited the trails and parks, and met new people. Now that we have room for entertainment, our family can come over for the holidays, watch football and bake cookies together. We just look forward to growing old here.”


The entire community is full of kind people

“Many of our best friends live on our street. We all go vacationing together. We have cookouts and parties together, and when it snows in the winter, we support each other by driving those who need it. The entire community is full of kind people. When we recently took our youngest to his first day at elementary school, there was a school full of people we knew would care for him. Everyone lit up when he walked in. He's having the time of his life.”

Dan, Lindsay, Finley, Rhett, and Nash

We got to pick out everything we wanted

“The experience of building our home from the ground up was so special. This is our first home, so we got to pick out everything we wanted. Plus, we have Mt. Rainier right outside our door. A dream come true!”


We wanted to commemorate our new home

“For our 10th wedding anniversary last month, we took some family portraits of us and the kitties. We wanted to commemorate our new home by taking pictures in and around the house and along the trails we walk every day.”


Tehaleh community resident collage

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