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Future of Tehaleh

Tehaleh demonstrates development done right through a thoughtful balance of mixed housing, open space and employment-producing commercial/industrial property. Over the next 20 years, Tehaleh will grow to become a self-sufficient 4,700-acre community within Pierce County’s Urban Growth Area. When complete, it is anticipated that the community will feature more than 1,800 acres of parks, trails, open space, up to 9,700 homes, and 475 acres dedicated to employment uses. Schools, parks and other infrastructure are expected to continue to be built as the community grows.


Newland Communities is pursuing a 20-year vision for Tehaleh that sustains values important to our residents as distinguished by four pillars:

Tehaleh commits to preserving 40 percent of its land as dedicated open space, parks and trails.

Tehaleh strives to support wellness through convenient access to health care and through parks and trails that promote an active lifestyle.

Tehaleh supports lifetime learning opportunities that challenge both the mind and body of the young and young at heart.

Tehaleh encourages the availability of locally produced products for the community’s restaurants, homes and gatherings.


Tehaleh’s Phase 2 carries the community’s high standards of planning forward to the next generation. Key factors considered in the plans for Tehaleh include its:

Urban Growth Area Location. The community is located in the Pierce County Urban Growth Area, which requires a minimum density of 4.0 dwelling units per acre (DUA). Tehaleh’s proposed density will be approximately 4.8 DUA when the community is complete.

Open Space Commitment. The community will retain 40 percent of its land as open space, trails and parks to balance its mix of residential neighborhoods and employment areas.

Employment Opportunities. Tehaleh will be a place to work as well as to live, with 475 acres of land dedicated to commercial, light industrial and civic ventures. Today, Tehaleh generates around 250 to 300 construction jobs annually and currently supports 16 in-home businesses.

Mixed Residential Offerings. It is anticipated that Tehaleh will continue to offer a mix of home types, from moderate to executive housing. It is expected that approximately 23 percent of residences will be in age qualified 55+ neighborhoods and 11 percent will be multifamily homes.

Infrastructure Support. The infrastructure of Tehaleh, including parks, schools, roads and utility services, are expected to grow with the community.

Phase 2 plans are currently going through a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) process with Pierce County and could change. More information on the SEIS can be found on the Pierce County website. The process includes a public comment period.


As Tehaleh grows, so will the infrastructure to support it. Newland Communities is currently working on or anticipates participating in a number of significant infrastructure improvements in or near Tehaleh.

Up to seven schools will be built by the Sumner and Orting School Districts in Tehaleh. The community currently has one elementary school and another is scheduled to open in 2018.

Parks and Trails
Recreational opportunities will continue to be added to Tehaleh’s current 11 parks and more than 10 miles of trails as new neighborhoods grow.

Utilities at Tehaleh are provided through Pierce County and other utility companies. Newland Communities is constructing a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant that will be dedicated to Pierce County when complete.

Major improvements to 198th Avenue leading to the entrance of Tehaleh are underway and the SR 410/Veterans Blvd. intersection improvements are complete. In addition, Newland Communities anticipates participating in construction of Pierce County’s New Rhodes Lake Road East, which will provide a new traffic corridor to SR162 and open a second entrance to Tehaleh.