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What the Future Holds for Tehaleh

We’re putting a tremendous amount of thought into planning and designing the future of our community. We consider the integrity of our natural surroundings and the entire region as a whole. Our community truly is development done right through a thoughtful balance of diverse housing, open natural space and commercial/industrial property.


Over the next 10 years, Tehaleh will grow to become a 4,700-acre mixed-use planned community within Pierce County’s Urban Growth Area. When complete, Tehaleh will feature more than 1,800 acres of parks, trails, and open space, up to 9,700 homes, and 475 acres dedicated to employment uses.


Supporting Needed Roads, Schools and More

The planning of the Tehaleh community goes beyond our property lines. Tehaleh is required by its Development Agreement with Pierce County to mitigate impacts as it grows over the next 20 years. To mitigate traffic impacts for Phase I, Tehaleh has built or funded $26.1 million in road improvements to SR 410 intersections and the expansion of 198th Street. This equates to about $10,000 a home for road improvements, well above the City of Sumner traffic impact fee of $2,703 per home or the City of Orting’s fee of $2,149 per home. In Tehaleh’s Phase 2, the per-home mitigation cost will likely double, funding up to $150 million in road improvements including the construction of a new County road, New Rhodes Lake Road East, and improvements to SR 162 and nearby roads.

Tehaleh also pays mitigation fees to support local schools ($3,485 per home) and county parks ($2,552 per home). It pays a voluntary fee of $350 per home to support East Pierce Fire & Rescue services. Tehaleh has completed a $24 million state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant which will be turned over to Pierce County in 2019.

For more than four decades, Newland, the developer of Tehaleh, has been planning and creating great mixed-use communities from coast to coast that continue to thrive and grow. From concept and construction to opening and beyond, Newland strives to preserve the surrounding terrain and wetlands of its communities, while pioneering even greener ways to design and build.


Vision of Tehaleh

Newland is pursuing a 20-year vision for Tehaleh that sustains values important to our residents as distinguished by four pillars:



Urban Growth Area Location. The community is located in the Pierce County Urban Growth Area, which requires a minimum density of 4.0 dwelling units per acre (DUA). Tehaleh’s proposed density will be approximately 4.8 DUA when the community is complete.



As Tehaleh grows, so will the infrastructure to support it. Newland is currently working on or anticipates participating in a number of significant infrastructure improvements in or near Tehaleh.