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Help us create a great community for you, or if you've already shared and want to make changes, click here.


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Help us create a great community for you, or if you've already shared and want to make changes, click here.

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Great communities are more than just a few streets or a single neighborhood.

They are envisioned and planned from the ground up to create the best possible experience for the residents who call them home. We understand what an important decision it is to purchase your new home. That’s why the Tehaleh® community was designed for your lifestyle. More than just residential, Tehaleh has been thoughtfully planned for you to create meaningful connections to the outdoors and each other. In addition to the existing school, parks, and trails, a comprehensive mix of civic, employment, retail, educational, and recreational gathering places are planned within the community. For more than four decades, Newland Communities has been planning and creating great communities from coast-to-coast that continue to thrive and grow.

Designed to maximize the proximity and views to Mount Rainier, the woods, wetlands, ponds, meadows, and trails in the Tehaleh community form a strong, enduring connection with the community, intentionally integrating the forest and built environment. With the name derived from words meaning “highlands” or “the land above,” the Tehaleh community has been recognized for achievement in land and community planning, qualifying for the highest tier from the regional building association’s Built Green community program.

Tehaleh is owned in a joint venture between two strong companies: North America Sekisui House, LLC (NASH), the U.S. business unit and full subsidiary of Sekisui House Ltd., Japan’s largest homebuilder and leading diversified developer, and American Newland Communities, LLC, whose development business, Newland Communities, is the master developer of Tehaleh. Collectively, the NASH-Newland partnership owns or manages more than 35 communities across the country.