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Help us create a great community for you, or if you've already shared and want to make changes, click here.

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Forest Park

Experience the breathtaking beauty of the world of Tehaleh through the trails of Forest Park, where you will also find a trailhead and living room in the forest. Another 20 acres of expansion are planned for this tree-filled gathering place!

The Edge

Even our parks go far beyond the ordinary. The Edge offers a skate park and graffiti wall, half basketball court, meadow area, trails, and seat walls.

Boulder Dash

Get your daily dose of spectacular Mount Rainier views (and photos!) here at Boulder Dash. A playground entertains the kids, and a picnic spot, climbable boulders, and grassy domes appeal to a wide range of ages.


An oasis near the entrance to the Tehaleh community, Ponder has a tranquil pond at its heart. It’s a picturesque stop after a long day at work!

Tehaleh Pass

This greenway system connects Forest Park to The Post and neighboring homes. Use it to grab a latte on your way home from an exhilarating hike!


Get your wildlife fix—or inspire the budding naturalist in your family—here at Yonder Park, where wetlands, trails and lawn converge. This space is ideal for bird watching, picnics, and hiking.

Knoll Park

Unwind here in the midst of the beauty of Knoll Park, where there are trails for exploring and ample benches for relaxing.

Sticks ‘n’ Stones

If Sticks ‘n’ Stones could talk, it would say, “This is why we live here!” Enjoy captivating views of Mount Rainier, boulders, stumps and logs to climb, playground, and picnic tables. Natural play and lawn areas bring extra green to playtime.

Hounds Hollow

Your furry friends will love to let loose at the fully fenced off-leash dog park featuring an agility course, open grassy field and pooch-friendly trails.

Sprouts Holler

Kids and adults alike can recharge on our soccer/baseball field, playground, sport court, scooter park, trails, and sledding hill.

Big Sky Park

The adventures here are endless: T-Rex Ribs offer a wild climbing experience and water channels are ideal for splashing. A zip line, trailhead, and picnic and bocce areas offer nonstop thrills.

“Our kids just love the parks. 

We live right by Sticks ‘n’ Stones Park, an appropriately named park with its large boulders and unique play structures. It is part of the reason we chose our home location. It really extends life beyond our yard. We enjoy the other parks, too—both of the kids love the great big slide at Sprouts Holler!”  —Tiffany S.

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