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The Majestic Mount Rainier

The signature of Pacific Northwest beauty is the awe-inspiring peaks of the Cascade mountain range. Here at Tehaleh, we have the sublime Mount Rainier in our backyard. Spanning 235,625 acres or 368 square miles, Mount Rainier National Park includes over 260 miles of maintained trails, three main drive-in campgrounds, a museum, and several wilderness and climbing centers and ranger stations. Planning a staycation? The park also offers two inns for lodging.

Mountain Living

We love to write about all the things to do and see around Mt. Rainier. Click through to find your next PNW adventure.

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Welcome to Paradise, the region of Mt. Rainier where you can cross-country ski, snowboard, sled, and go winter camping. You can also learn about the park’s winter ecology by taking a snowshoe tour led by a ranger!


Every skill level is welcome on the trails, which offer routes ranging from relaxed to challenging. September through early October is our favorite time to go, thanks to reduced traffic and spectacular fall colors.


Spend the night under the stars on any of the park’s three drive-in campgrounds. Check availability and get optional reservations for Cougar Rock and Ohanapecosh Rock via (campsites are on a first-come, first-served basis).  


Set out on a magnificent trail system offering lake vistas and dramatic mountain views of Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, Mount Hood, Mount Adams, the Olympic Mountains, and the Tahoma Glacier.


Speaking of peaks, the height of wildflower season is a must-see. Approximately from mid-July to early August, see (and snap) the park carpeted with yarrow and mountain bog gentian, among many other blooms.

Meet the Neighbors
of Tehaleh

Amber and Stephanie

Tehaleh Resident #HumansofTehaleh

Tehaleh just felt different; it felt more friendly. A lot of people interact here. The first time my boyfriend and I came here actually, almost everyone we came across spoke to us—it was a friendly, embracing environment. Also—this view! And the café was one of the winners for me—as a resident, I love grabbing coffee, walking on the trails, enjoying the mountain view and taking pictures.

Gretchen and Ken

Tehaleh Resident #HumansofTehaleh

We moved to Tehaleh in October 2014 and were the first house on the street. We spend a lot of time reading—we're both voracious readers and can go through five or six books a week! We also collect artwork—we like to support indigenous women artists. And we love our animals. We own adopted cats and dogs, and frequently take the dogs to Tehaleh's off-leash dog park. We meet a lot of people at the park and the dogs absolutely love it there.

Brandon and Yvette with Astra

Tehaleh Resident #HumansofTehaleh

We moved to Tehaleh in August, and it was the best part of 2020. We were drawn to the neighborhood by the views and trails, and it seemed like a good community to raise a family in, including our dog Astra. Our favorite park is Hounds Hollow, where Astra can play all day. Now, every time we come down the road and see the mountain, it reminds us that it's a nice place to come home to.


Tehaleh Resident #HumansofTehaleh

“It feels like Mt. Rainier is watching over us here.”


Tehaleh Resident #HumansofTehaleh

It feels like a retreat when you go home. When you drive up and see the mountain view; it’s amazing to know that this is home.


Tehaleh Resident #HumansofTehaleh

The experience of building our home from the ground up was so special. This is our first home, so we got to pick out everything we wanted. Plus we have Mt. Rainier right outside our door. A dream come true!

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