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Finding Things To Do Together Can Be Fun

21 April . 2020

Creating Fun Times at Home

Time at home with your family offers wonderful opportunities to bond and create new memories. It can be hard to find things everyone in the family can enjoy, but we have come up with five fun ideas for how to spend quality time with your family while at home.

 Get Outdoors

Fresh air is essential for a healthy body – and mind. Take in the sun by planning a family walk or hike. Tehaleh offers over 20 miles of trails that allow you to hop on a trail just a short stroll from your front door.  Jump rope, create a sidewalk chalk art show or create a “Color Walk” scavenger hunt to ignite a new-found interest in the outdoors.

Spread kindness like confetti chalk writing on street.

Spring Cleaning

Why not turn spring cleaning into a fun family activity? Divide rooms or tasks between family members and amp up the fun factor with things like:

Music and dance breaks

Cleaning relays

Timed races

Rewards and prizes

Treasure hunts

Father and daughter singing and dancing while cleaning wooden floor.

Movie Marathon

Pop some popcorn and let the bonding begin! Take turns picking a movie to watch as a family, and then make an event of it with a little ambience. Construct an at-home projector in the backyard with a bedsheet or create a theme night – complete with costumes and accents that align with the movie. Want to add a little competition? Afterwards, host a lightning trivia round with prizes to see who paid the best attention.

Father and daughter watching a movie in their self-made home theater.

Family Videos

Choreographed dances to popular songs, such as those found on the app TikTok, promise an afternoon chocked with laughter. Ask your children if they know any dances, and they can teach you themselves! If dancing isn’t your family’s thing, capture other memories, such as tutorial videos like your family baking a signature recipe, family tea time or creating a home video of each person describing something they currently love.

Little asian girl dancing at home.

Play Games

Let the games begin! Whether its Hide and Seek, Heads Up or Monopoly, games are perfect for spending time with your family. Play for candy, 30 minutes of extra television time, extra chores or new toys to add a little friendly competition. You can even mix up some family favorites:  Play Jenga using only clean chopsticks, replace your Guess Who characters with actual photos of family and friends, or munch up those marbles on Hungry Hungry Hippos using your elbows or feet.

Family playing scrabble on table at home.

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