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17 January . 2016

Checklist: Prepping and Staging Your Home for Sale

Of course you want your home to sell fast and bring top dollar. Here’s a rundown of friendly reminders on prepping your house into a welcoming and marketable home.

Get Emotional. Not!

Disassociate yourself with your home. Say goodbye to every room, and don’t look back! Focus on the future by picturing yourself handing over the keys.

De-Personalize your home

Pack up your personal photographs and family heirlooms.  Buyers can’t see past personal artifacts, and you don’t want them to be distracted.


Get rid of things you haven’t used in years.  
Pack up all knickknacks
Clean off everything on the kitchen counters
Remove all books from the bookcase
Put away anything that will go in a drawer or cabinet

Rearrange Closets and Kitchen Cabinets

Buyers will open closets and cabinet doors.  Think of the message it sends when items fall out.  Organize everything.  Alphabetize spice jars.  Neatly stack dishes. You get the picture.

Rent a Storage Unit

(don’t use your garage)
Remove extra pieces of furniture that block or hamper paths and put them in storage.  
Remove extra leaves from your dining room table to make the room appear larger.

Remove/Replace Your Favorite Items

If you want to take window coverings, built-in appliances or fixtures, remove them now.  If you want grandma’s chandelier, take it down and store it. Buyers don’t want to be surprised by missing items they assumed came with the home. This can also help them imagine the personal touches they will be able to customize and add themselves.

Make Minor Repairs

Replace burned out light bulbs – inside and out of the house
Patch holes in the walls
Fix leaky faucets
Consider painting your walls a neutral color
Wash windows inside and out
Polish chrome faucets and mirrors
Vacuum daily


Go outside.  Open your front door. Stand there.  Do you want to go inside? Is your house welcoming?
Examine how furniture is arranged.  Move pieces around to open up the room or until it makes sense.
Does it look like nobody lives in this house?  You are almost finished.

Curb Appeal Counts

Keep the sidewalks cleared
Mow the lawn
Paint faded window trim
Plant flowers
Trim your bushes
Make sure visitors can easily read your house number

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