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24 May . 2022

What we’re looking forward to with the new Canyon View Village Center!

Hey, would you look at that, retail is finally coming to Tehaleh! What does that mean for our community? Grabbing a quick dinner, quality snacks, and fueling up just got a whole lot easier. Let’s zoom in on some perks that come with these new additions.

Excellent new conveniences nearby.

Tehaleh, as you know, is all about its community-focused quirks and perks. As the Canyon View Village Center gets underway, Tehaleh is getting much needed shops and services that will help shorten daily trips and errands. The plans are expected to include:

  • A dentist office. Taking a half day off to get a teeth cleaning could be a thing of the past! Or still take that half day but enjoy more of the time relaxing around Tehaleh’s trails and parks.
  • A coffee shop. Ideal for those who need a quick change from at-home work, want a reliable space to meet up with a client, or just love to experiment with different roasts and blends.
  • Full-service restaurants. Catch up with friends and neighbors at the local spot, eat a delicious meal, and take a walk around Tehaleh to wind down, and take in Mt. Rainier’s sunset glow.
  • Medical care. Getting a prescription or a necessary check-up would be that much closer to home.
  • Hair and Nail Salons. Bad hair day emergency? Get out of a hairy situation and get that glow up you deserve.

New shops, new looks. Finding the balance in architectural design and utility that is exemplified by The Post, Tehaleh Heights Elementary, and the many unique homes within Tehaleh’s neighborhoods will give these new retail spaces a more natural feeling fit within the community.

Here are a few exciting things we’re looking forward to with Wendy’s.

We finally have an answer to the age-old question: ‘Where’s The Beef?!’ Whether you’re looking for a tasty cheeseburger, a fresh salad, or a frosty and fries – Wendy’s inherently brings with it a family-style menu that has something for everyone.

That includes breakfast too! On the way out looking to beat the weekend traffic to Mt. Rainier? No need to go into town at a busy detour stop. Grab and go with a coffee and a breakfast sandwich and set off without a hitch. The real question is…what time do they start serving Frostys?

After soccer, baseball, and all the sports games? Wendy’s is going to be slinging out those Frostys like there’s no tomorrow. When you see it abuzz it will look like every small-town ice cream shop. Like anywhere in Tehaleh, this will be an excellent place to spot friends, sit down and enjoy dinner with a neighbor, and meet up after school and work.

Plus, if someone in the family is looking for a job, Wendy’s is a great restaurant to learn the ropes. Build up that savings account, keep busy, and learn the responsibility that comes with a job that’s built in to Tehaleh’s goodness.

(And if you can keep a secret…they do have a “secret menu.”) But we’ll have to be hush-hush on that. Wendy’s will have to find a way to add the Tehaleh Wave to the menu.

Convenience Nearby. What we’re looking forward to with 7 eleven.

7-Eleven is a convenience staple. When you’re looking for that ultra-specific item and don’t want to hop in the car you can head over to the new 7-Eleven with fingers crossed hoping that the allen wrench or dish soap that just ran out…is in stock. Speaking of, here are 11 convenient things that make 7-Eleven a perfect spot to rely on.

  • Amazon storage lockers are a gamechanger for when you’re away from home but want your package to arrive safe and sound (and accessible) at any hour of the day. Bonus points for rainy days, which we all know so well!
  • Not everybody indulges in the roller dogs or hot pizza *cough* they’re delicious *cough* but it’s a feat to pass up on a slushie, or excuse me…a Slurpee. Did you know they’re named after the sound the straw makes? In a different universe cars might be called ‘Vrooms.’
  • This one is a morning saver: open the fridge and find there aren’t any eggs left? Hop on your bike or take a quick walk over and you’re back to making an omelet in no time.
  • July 11th (7/11) is free Slurpee day as a way to commemorate the company’s history and to share the date with their customers.
  • Their coffee has a special place in every road traveler’s heart. Who knows why, but gas station coffee…it just hits different.
  • When you want a soda to last the whole ride out, you can get started with a Big Gulp.
  • While they don’t do their ‘Bring Your Own Slurpee Cup’ day (likely because people would try to fill up coolers, recycling bins, and more) you can get discounts when you bring your own to-go cup.
  • Contrary to popular belief, they’re not all the same! Just like Caffe D’arté, there will likely be localized specialties unique to Tehaleh.
  • Famous for staying open 24/7, you can find what you need whenever you need it!
  • Batteries, firewood, late-night snacks? They’ve got it. That unmistakable feeling where you’re looking in the cupboard and all the good snacks are gone – never the case at 7-Eleven.
  • They do deliveries too! Just like your favorite food apps, they’ll swing by at ease if you can’t break away from work or have your hands full.
  • Coupons and savings galore. Their rewards program will help pay for gas and get you deals when you’re out and about on your daily travels.

Having a gas station close by.

Getting going in the morning can be hectic, especially when the fuel tank is low and you’re already running late. What more? Stopping at a crowded gas station and waiting in line. Hey, it’s not the worst thing in the world, but it gets the day started in a funk. Enough of those adds up. Soon, rolling out of the driveway and making a quick stop at the new gas pumps irons out a little extra time, calms the nerves, and if you weren’t able to brew a cup, you can grab a coffee to go. When it’s a part of the daily ritual, it’s the small things that count.

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