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05 December . 2023

Meet the Builders: Tri Pointe Homes

If you’re a Washingtonian you’ve definitely seen or even grew up in a Tri Pointe home. Tri Pointe has been building in Washington state since 1969, bringing new homes that look gorgeous against the backdrop of the Northwest. In early 2024, they’ll be extending their expertise within Tehaleh’s newest neighborhood: Glacier Pointe.

“This is one of our first communities that we’re launching with our nationwide collaboration with Bobby Berk,” says Lisa Graham, Marketing Manager at Tri Pointe Homes. “He’s an Emmy nominated TV host from Netflix’s Queer Eye and we’re really excited to bring his innovation for design to Glacier Pointe.”

This new venture between Tri Pointe and Bobby Berk was announced in May 2023 and soon, Glacier Pointe will see his design work on full display. For new homebuyers it can be exciting to see different interior design styles within a move-in ready home, but it’s extra special when it’s designed by a renowned expert.

Alongside this partnership, Tri Pointe also has a Washington Design Studio where you can find anything from countertops to cabinetry to lighting and flooring. It’s a full showroom at their Bellevue location to give you that tactile in-person experience.

The Tri Pointe Homebuyer’s Journey

For any buyer, finding the perfect home can feel like an entire full-time job. Thankfully Tri Pointe has several options to take the pandemonium out of that journey. There are two types of homes that Tri Pointe offers:

  1. Move-in Ready: This would be a home that’s designed, built, and then sold to a customer. It’s a quick move in process and could include the Bobby Berk interior design.
  2. To Be Built: For those who want to be a part of the home building and design process, this is the hands-on approach. You’d be making those design decisions along the way.

“We make sure that no matter what option the buyer chooses, we have our team members and different resources that guide them along the way,” says Lisa. “They can learn as much as they want to up front, or they can just sit back and wait for us to give them updates on our home buyer app – where the team sends things like progress photos and appointment information.”

As one of the nation’s largest homebuilders, Tri Pointe loves a smooth and steady process. Tehaleh is right on board with that mentality. “We just opened a community earlier this year that had been in the works for 7 years,” says Lisa. “[At Tehaleh] we’re up and running in under a year.”

That timing is crucial for builders, especially when conditions can change a project’s timeline depending on the season. Tehaleh’s readiness for builders has made it easier for the type of variety that homebuilders like Tri Pointe can bring to new neighborhoods. Glacier Pointe will be a shining example as this second phase kicks into gear.

“Tehaleh really just draws you in,” says Lisa. “I drove over to Glacier Pointe and I had to pull over because I was like ‘okay I need to fully appreciate this view and these trees.’ It was almost overwhelming how beautiful it was to drive that direction because you’re basically driving straight into a painting.”

If you’re looking at homes in early 2024 and want to live in Washington’s stunning Glacier Pointe, Tri Pointe would love to hear from you. Head over to the Tri Pointe website and join their interest list to get updates on what’s coming soon. Tehaleh has big things in store and living within a moving painting will always bring new sights and sounds to your door. Reach out to us today, and we'd be happy to tell you more about Tehaleh and all the exciting things to come.

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