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21 November . 2023

5 Easy to Access Winter Hikes Near Tehaleh

Washington’s parks get a lot of attention and praise in the summer, but there are so many great trails that often go understated at this time of year. We may joke about the grey skies but who doesn’t love a rainy, green, and fresh winter hike?

Daylight is precious these days and getting out for a hike is a necessity. It’s healthy, less busy, and a great way to take a quick break from the hectic holiday season.

Here are 5 stellar hikes that are under an hour away from Tehaleh, so you can avoid the wild mountain weather and find a trail without worrying about a day long trip.

Pinnacle Peak Park – (Link)

2.8 miles

1,295 ft. of elevation

30-minute drive

Take a quick 30-minute drive toward Enumclaw and you’re right at the foot of a perfect trail. At this time of year, you likely won’t see too many people on the trails. You might find the steepness a bit intimidating at first, but when you want a short yet intense calorie burner, this is it.

Maple Valley Gnome Trail – (Link)

.7 miles

78 ft. of elevation

45-minute drive

This is not the best “hiking” trail if you’re looking to break in those new trail running shoes…but if you want the whole family to find a fun new way to enjoy hiking, this trail is worth a visit. What makes this one fun, is that there are gnomes! Gnomes everywhere. Kids (and adults) are bound to find their favorite characters along the way.

Skookum Flats Trail (Link)

4.3 miles

370 ft. of elevation

54-minute drive

Skookum Flats Trail meanders along the White River and has plenty of tree cover for one of those rainy-day hikes. While there’s a slight incline on the first half of this hike, it’s never too challenging and is a perfect spot to do an afternoon dog walk or to bring some visiting guests to a stunning and lush environment.

Little Mashel Falls Trail via Bud Blancher Trail (Link)

4.6 miles

561 ft. of elevation

Out & Back

< 1 hour drive

Though this one can get muddy in the winter, it’s a great opportunity to enjoy an early winter hike that has one of the best treats on a hike: Waterfalls. Again, not an arduous climb by any means, this trail it can still pack a punch.

Foothills Trail South Prairie to Buckley (Link)

6 miles

331 ft. of elevation

Point to point.

15-minute drive

From Tehaleh to this section of the Foothills Trail, you’re looking at a quick 15-minute getaway. Take a long lunch and head over here to break away from work! While this part is 6 miles long, this is a choose-your-own adventure. Hike. Bike. Run. Horseback ride? Why not?! You’ve got plenty of options if you want to change it up and revisit this one time and time again.

Wander The Woods

While Tehaleh is situated in the heart of the woods, and you can find 40+ miles of amazing trails right in your backyard, it’s always nice to get out and about to discover the beauty of winter hiking – no matter your fitness level, the weather, or needing to trudge down a difficult road. And if you’re looking to live among one of the greenest areas in the country, Tehaleh is the one for you. Reach out and we’ll keep finding new trails that lead to new memories.

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