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20 June . 2021

Growing up in Tehaleh

Growing up in a developing Master Planned Community can have its perks, like watching your community grow and become self-sustaining and feeling that the entire community is your family. While this might seem insignificant during childhood, it can play an essential role in shaping how we see the world as adults.

Stephan Brown and Kylie Lamoureaux moved to Tehaleh with their families when they were too young to understand how moving to a tight-knit community could become a huge part of their identity. However, as teenagers, they acknowledge and appreciate the contribution this life has made toward their confidence and character.

Stephan, now 17, loves everything about growing up in Tehaleh. When asked what he liked most, the forest trails and parks were on top of his list. Next came open spaces “to have the freedom to move around and a group of friends and neighbors to do it with.”

Kylie, now 15, cherishes the connections made, the neighborhood gatherings, the Barbeque’s, and the knowledge that “everyone around you cares about your safety and well-being.”

During conversations with Stephan and Kylie, it became apparent there is value in growing up in a master-planned community. Below are some insights from the minds of two well-rounded teenagers who embody the spirit of Tehaleh living.

  • Finding friends is everything

Learning how to make your own fun and finding friends who really “get you” is essential. According to Stephan, making friends and playing together in one of the parks allowed him and his friends to be creative. Also, playing in the forest as a boy and later laser tag with friends and family has given him a sense of always having something to do and enjoy.

Kylie met Anne, her best friend in Tehaleh, and fondly recalled being able to play on the street while her parents were out chatting with neighbors. Kylie thrives in the friendly environment and cherishes the ease of finding connections.


  • With nature comes discovery

Stephan says there is always something to discover in Tehaleh. Parks for all ages have made it a great place to grow. When he first moved in, the parks that appealed to him gave way to more sophisticated parks as he grew older. The transition from playground equipment at Sprouts Holler to the skateboard park designed by skateboarding professionals made it seem like the community embraces his lifestyle no matter what age.

Kylie embraces the togetherness that she has always felt on family walks and loves the fact that her friends enjoy coming over and joining her.

Both agree that they seem to spend a lot more time outdoors than their friends who do not live in the community. Neither has had a problem inviting friends to join them. “How much fun you can have in our trails gets around. Pretty soon, you are the place people want to be.

  • Growth is a good thing

The reaction was very much the same when asked how they felt about the growth in Tehaleh. Instead of angst regarding development and changes, they both were very excited about it. They have watched so many changes happen in Tehaleh, all turning out to the good. With development comes more parks, walking trails, and things to do while still being the community in the forest they have grown to love. Both are looking forward to having retail and exciting new spaces, but they do not begrudge the wait. “I can’t wait to see what is next.”

  • Community support is essential

When you live in a Master Planned Community, it gives you the opportunity to get involved and interact with small businesses and their owners. What might seem irrelevant could be influencing their own career choices and future business ethics. Listening to these two teenagers, you realize they are very aware of the small community businesses surrounding them. While Stephan can talk about the local fitness groups, Kylie speaks to the in-home local business she and her family support. Both seem to have a genuine appreciation for the community support given.

  • Pride in ownership

Taking ownership is a lesson of high value throughout life. Owning your mistakes, your talents and your home are just a few of the valued lessons that can be seen evolving in the life of these two amazing kids. Growing up in Tehaleh has given them an appreciation for natural beauty and community spirit. Knowing they can be part of a community where kindness counts and an appreciation for people of all walks of life can live together in harmony might help them through all their future journeys.

We wish you well, you make us proud.

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