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09 July . 2024

Welcome to Infinity Park

Time for infinite fun in Glacier Pointe! Tehaleh's newest playground will showcase its best with a stunning view of Mt. Rainier. Infinity Park, resembling an obstacle course in the shape of an infinity symbol, offers a unique design unlike anything you've seen before.

Modern playgrounds seem to be experiencing a kind of renaissance, moving further and further away from the wooden structures of ye olden days, those plagued by hornet nests and splinters. At Infinity Park, you and your kids can enjoy some of the most innovative playground designs available: new obstacles, weather-ready, and designed for long term safety.

Upon seeing Infinity Park, you’ll wish you were a kid again. The park’s central location boasts an east-facing view of Mount Rainier. The scenery inspires a sense of adventure, and the playground serves as a starter course for future climbers. They’ll see Rainier in the distance and think: if I can tackle this obstacle course, maybe I can be the youngest mountaineer in Tehaleh. 


Benefits of Parks

Playgrounds do wonders for young kids, helping them make friends, get exercise, and enjoy the outdoors. As those kids sprout into their second decade, they’ve found sports or clubs they love, while the playgrounds they loved seem to have stayed the same size. That’s what makes Infinity Park so special. There’s no “aging out” here, so long as it’s a common place for the neighborhood kids to meet up. And you know what? Mom and dad have always wanted to make their own ‘the floor is lava meets parkour’ arena. It truly is a space for everyone.

Conner Mullan, at PlayCreation Inc., the company that provided the new play equipment, had this to say: "This playground is an intricate structure that comprises of net climbers, belting, swings, gliders and so much more to deliver infinite play experiences for all ages and abilities. The net climbers allow kids to climb over, under and all around this structure. Along with the net climbing experience, kids can traverse the SwiggleKnots™ bridge, Cargo Net with Square Steppers, and molecular-style belting. The play structure is designed to create supports throughout. So, if a child is playing and is getting fatigued, we have lots of spots to sit and rest throughout the structure." 

Beyond the convenience of having a nearby playground, Infinity Park will play a positive mental and emotional role in the neighborhood. As noted by the Trust for Public Land community parks inherently attract diverse groups of people, fostering social interactions and enhancing community engagement.

"There's also plenty of places to climb forward or backward (if a child is crawling or scooting depending on how they move), there’s loads of places to stop, 'perch' and rest. For children with disabilities who need more stability or fatigue a bit easier, this can make a huge difference navigating this climber."

Overall, Tehaleh's unique design has encouraged the creation of community parks that highlight the perks of the PNW. It’s not just a collection of homes with private backyards; it’s a community that has formed to meet the needs of its residents.

Tehaleh Grows Community

As Tehaleh grows, so do its parks and trails. The development of Tehaleh is rooted in a vision of creating a balanced community where natural beauty and modern conveniences coexist. Planners have blended residential areas with commercial spaces, ensuring residents have everything they need within easy reach while preserving the stunning natural surroundings.

Every park is connected by trails and sidewalks, making it easy to meander, bike, or run wherever you’d like. When it’s hard to find time to exercise, a post-work jaunt can be extended and made more enjoyable as you find new paths and sights every day.

Even during construction, the sense of exploration and the anticipation of new, exciting areas are palpable. The recent opening of the Trek Mountain Bike Park has added a whole new genre of mountain biking for residents, showcasing what the community is all about.

Infinity Park continues this trend. New developments mean new places to explore, check out, and enjoy. With more than 40 miles of trails (and counting), Tehaleh is the place to live.

Infinity Park is set to open in August 2024. Keep an eye out on more news and grand opening details by signing up for our community newsletter

Reside Within Your Own Park System

Infinity Park is set to become a cornerstone of the Glacier Pointe neighborhood and a shining example of what makes Tehaleh a special place to live. With its innovative design, commitment to safety and sustainability, and promise of endless fun, Infinity Park is eagerly anticipated by residents.

Want to take a look at all the amazing parks in Tehaleh or have a couple questions about the area? Reach out to us and we’ll show you everything you need to know about Tehaleh’s newest neighborhood, Glacier Pointe.


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