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10 March . 2021

What are flex spaces and where can I get one?

As the Work From Home (WFH) trend picks up in speed and popularity, many of us are looking at using that extra room as a flex space. Whether it’s a guest room, another bedroom in a home you’re looking to buy, or your kids graduated and have left the nest, we’re all looking to bring practical room ideas into our homes. Flex spaces can add that personalized touch.

So, what is a flex space anyway?

You might hear flex space and think, oh that’s what we’re calling the GYM these days, I get it. And you know what, you’re partially right. Some people are using that extra room to get back on an exercise routine that was left hanging due to the pandemic. Having a place for your Peloton, stationary bike, weights, or somewhere quiet to do yoga…these are valid ways to use a flex space.

Really, it’s room in your house where you can personalize it according to what you need it for. Some might love to have an office, craft space, reading room, or if you’re a model train enthusiast, you probably want a room dedicated to all those model trains. It’s what you make of it.

The more popular option is to use it as an office space.

As most people are adjusting to the WFH life, the noises at home have stayed prevalent and new homebuyers are looking at keeping noise to a minimum. Shannon Densmore, Richmond Homes’ Director of Marketing says, “Working from home, there’s more demand for office space. Something where you can close the door.”

Having a secluded space away from the regular hustle and bustle in the house is driving a lot of the need for flex spaces. It’s no longer Jerry from your sales department having loud kitchen conversations at all hours of the day. It’s your kids…screaming. Or your dog…barking. Or your spouse…clanging pots and pans. Potentially all of these, all the time. Noise-canceling headphones can only do so much. Flex spaces help mitigate some of those noises.

Densmore also mentioned that outdoor living spaces are becoming a flex space of their own. The benefit being: it’s an outdoor escape without really ever having to leave the house. “Lots of [Richmond] homes have extended cover patio options…in general, I’d say that’s what people like about Richmond. We offer a menu of structural options like different kitchen layouts, master bathroom layouts, covered patios…”

Finding a home that provides defined spaces means you can give each room its own purpose. While one parent is helping the kids get ready to go to the park, the other can be outside next to a warm fireplace, safe from the rigmarole (and rain) but still able to take that work call.

Planning on purchasing or building a home can depend on what we can adjust to down the line. People want flex spaces to address those uncertainties.

Flex spaces in the future.

We’ve adapted to staying at home and making the most of our square footage. Some will continue their WFH lifestyle, others will go back to the office. With that we may find new options for a flex space. You might buy a home in Tehaleh and use it for office purposes and later on find that you’d rather have a place to shoot pool, or again if you’re big into model trains, get yourself that train room you’ve always wanted.

Flex spaces are there to fit the personal trends that will often morph and change as the years go on. And when you’re buying a home, that’s exactly what you might be thinking five, ten, even twenty years down the line. So, while that flex space is an office today, a couple years down the road you might have a new creative endeavor to give life to, and basically, a brand new room.

Flex those hobbies, invest in yourself, and take a look at Tehaleh’s homefinder to find the best custom options in your search. If you’re looking for a flex space then you probably like your options, so give us a call and set up an appointment to see Tehaleh in all its splendor!

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