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Tehaleh Dog

12 January . 2022

Best Places Around Bonney Lake for Dogs and Humans

Walking around Tehaleh you may be wondering if you’re seeing double. Did EVERYBODY get a dog in the past two years? Seems like it. Hey, even you may have gotten a new pup recently. Which explains why you’re looking for new places to check out around Tehaleh. If you’re new to dog ownership, the rules and restrictions on where dogs can and cannot go can be confusing at times and somewhat infuriating. What do you mean my dog can’t have an IPA? He’s 21 in dog years.

However, for those of us who want to bring our pup along even if they can’t enjoy a burger, coffee, or even a beer, we’ve scoured the area to find some of the best dog friendly spots around Tehaleh. Take a look!

Best Dog Friendly Cafes and Restaurants Around Bonney Lake

You’re not looking to sit down and have a fancy meal. And neither is your dog. In fact, your dog just wants to hang out with you wherever you go. Find a quick bite and chill out with your dog at these local spots.

  • Caffé D’Arte in Tehaleh - Sounds familiar! It’s the best café for dog photos if we’re being honest.
  • 19 - Outdoor tables for dog owners. Grab a coffee and crepe and have a seat on the patio. Take a walk down Main Street and meander around the calm, quiet neighborhood. Head to Loyalty Park to play some fetch.
  • Rivers Edge Café & Brews – Hop over to the other side of the river if you’re in a sandwich state of mind. Their Cubano and French Dip are popular with the lunch crowd. Sit outside on the covered patio to enjoy tunes and a tasty sandwich.
  • Burche – This nearby burger spot in Bonney Lake allows well behaved dogs on leash on the outside patio.
  • Another quick option? Order ahead from your favorite restaurant, find a local park, and enjoy your meal around the sound of water, wind, and nature. (Bring a tasty treat for your dog too.)


Pet Friendly Breweries to Visit

Like cats in bookstores, breweries are notorious for being dog-friendly. Whether you’ve visited these or have them on your to do list, here are a few of the best rated breweries around the area to bring your pup.

  • Off Camber Brewing. Hang out in a garage-turned-brewery with a beer and best bud in tow.
  • Half Lion Tasting Room – Dogs are welcome on the outside patio. Great pitstop if you’re on your way back from an adventure up near Snoqualmie.
  • Headworks Brewing – This small batch brewery packs local flavor into a cool spot worth visiting. Plus, your dog will be welcome too.
  • Cole Street Brewery – A few blocks away is another craft brewery that will supply both brews and views. Bonus points for being pet friendly too.
  • Locust Cider – Looking to visit Tacoma? Locust Cider has an excellent patio, especially if you’re in a cider mood. Perfect for your pooch.


You can also grab a growler of your favorite Washington beer and enjoy with a couple friends back home. That’s one of the most dog friendly spots in town.

Best Dog Parks Around Bonney Lake and Tehaleh

With Hounds Hollow right around the corner, why would you ever need another dog park? Good question! Give your dog a local “scent-cation” to start a fresh new day at a fun new park. Plus, a destination dog park gives you a chance to check out the local dog friendly spots listed above.

Showing these from closest to home, to furthest.

  • Hounds Hollow Dog Park
  • Viking Park Off Leash (6 miles)
  • Rainier Woods Dog Park (11 miles)
  • Clarks Creek Dog Park (13 miles)
  • Habitat Dog Park (13 miles)
  • Orting Dog Park (14 miles)
  • Roegner Park Off-leash (14 miles)
  • Enumclaw Dog Park (15 miles)


Best Trails Close to Home

Ever driven out to Mount Rainier National Park with your dog and realize that pets aren’t allowed on almost every trail within the park. Oops. I guess we can stick to walking on the roads? And hang out around the campsite? Throw some sticks around? While that can be disappointing, we can find quick drives to local parks and trails. They’re family and dog friendly, and a great way to break away from work for an hour or two.

  • What’s better than stepping right out your door to enjoy the 30+ miles of dog-friendly trails connected all around Tehaleh! Swing by Caffé D’Arte for a fresh brewed cup of joe. Easy peasy, the perfect morning walk.
  • Nolte State Park. Leash up! Take a stroll around Deep Lake for a lunch break.
  • Melmont Ghost Town Hike. Worth the 30 minute drive. Your dog will love how muddy the trail is, so definitely bring a towel. If it’s too muddy treat it as a quick out-and-back. You can always revisit in summer’s better weather.
  • Victor Falls City Park. When the mountain isn’t out and you want a view of something spectacular, Victor Falls can be that calming presence. Keep your dog on leash as there are some iffy cliffs around.
  • Sumner Link Trail – Choose your own adventure and take a stroll with your dog along the White River. Careful of bikes and joggers, but enjoy the bridge views.


Pet Shops and Dog Groomers Worth a Visit

After all these mini-adventures you may be looking to trim your dog’s nails, get them washed and smelling clean again, and possibly even getting them a haircut. We have a few local shops worth visiting.

  • Tails Pet Resort is right smack dab in Tehaleh and has plenty of groom and board services worth taking a look at. They’ll treat your dog exceptionally well.
  • Wash The Dog in Puyallup is a self-serve shop so you don’t have to bring a mess back home with you. They have all the supplies you’ll need to do your own grooming.
  • Spotted Dog Pet Grooming provides services for both dogs and cats.
  • Bonney Lake Dog House offers both grooming appointments as well as a self-serve bath.
  • Sheenah’s Pet Salon in Orting provides all the grooming services your dog or cat may need. Check out the website to book an appointment or answer any questions you may have.


Now that you’re acquainted with a few more dog-friendly places around Tehaleh, you may even want to join a community as pup-centric as ours. Give us a call and we’ll set up a visit for you to meet a Tehaleh Ambassador. We’d love to meet you and your furry friend.


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