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14 May . 2024

Meet the Builders: Richmond American Homes

"I think just going to Tehaleh sells you on Tehaleh," Shannon Densmore, Director of Marketing for Richmond American Homes, says. Among beautiful homes, top-tier amenities, access to conveniences, the growing trail system, and parks, Tehaleh really is a gem.

Since 2012, Richmond American Homes has been delivering its best in Tehaleh, aiming to offer a little bit of everything for everyone: whether you’re a young professional kicking into homeownership-mode or looking to retire in style. “It’s about more than just houses; it’s about creating homes in a setting that enhances your life,” Shannon says.

Searching for in a New Home in Puget Sound 

Richmond American Homes uses its vast national portfolio to design and build inspiration for the Tehaleh community. The company accommodates regional differences and tailors their homes to reflect the neighborhood itself. "One of the things that Richmond really does well is allowing our team to become experts in their areas," Shannon says. “We’re really good at listening to what homebuyers want.”

Their recent shift to spec houses has helped streamline a better way of providing buyer-focused designs for customers around the country. “Our new spec philosophy and business model help our national Merchandising team curate these homes,” Shannon says. “They’re picking things that people want, that are available, and they’ve been doing it for years.”

From choosing fixtures to finalizing finishes, Richmond handles the heavy lifting. “By the time a home is available for sale, most choices have been curated by our expert team, ensuring quality and coherence in design,” she says. This means buyers can move into their new home without the typical construction delays— a significant plus in today’s fast-paced market.”

For the eager buyer this is ideal, ensuring a buying process to be easy, fast, and reliable with the possibility of delivering fully built homes in a shorter time. This is an attractive option for folks who have a clear idea of what they want in a new home but don’t wish to take on the at-times daunting process of building themselves. Builders, after all, know a thing or two about building homes that stand the test of time.


A Home Built for You

Richmond American Homes offers different price points that are already built or are in construction today in Glacier Pointe. "We have a really wide range of plans," she says. "Starting at $499,000 for some of our paired homes, you can get up into the low $1 millions for some of our larger builds, and we have everything in between."

Paired homes (duplexes) like the Boston and Chicago plans, are an attractive pull for first time homebuyers. Two-story single-family homes like the Bedford and Hemingway offer greater square footage and features for the growing family. The Delaney and Daniel homes provide a rambler lifestyle, perfect for experiencing the natural flow of a home. These new offerings touch on a big part of why the Glacier Pointe expansion is such a great place to be a homebuyer. Having companies like Richmond American Homes offering their own specially designed homes means that no part of the neighborhood will look the same.

A Few Familiar Faces

The Richmond American Homes sales team specializes in Tehaleh as well, so when you have a question on something like energy efficiency or what flooring will be like, their insights will guide you to the right answers. "We have a fabulous sales team," Shannon says. “The team, consisting of Ken Miller, Maureen Doman, Christopher Humphrey, and Megan MacKay, are well-versed and completely focused on what makes Tehaleh a unique destination to live. They get to really know that community and everything it has to offer."

This team will help you determine everything you need to know about the plans, the features each type of home has, and assist you in getting a full financial picture right off the bat. There's one main sales office and 4 beautiful models to tour in Glacier Pointe that all showcase the Richmond American Homes offerings for both single family homes and paired homes.

Your Next Chapter Starts Here

Considering Tehaleh for your next home isn’t just choosing a place to live—it’s choosing a lifestyle. The combination of rich natural beauty, thoughtfully designed homes, and a community-oriented lifestyle offers a compelling package for anyone looking to buy in the Pacific Northwest.

Ready to explore? Reach out to the Richmond American Homes team to find your new home. They’re on hand to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring that your journey to homeownership is as enjoyable and fulfilling as the home you choose.

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