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23 January . 2024

Meet the Builders: Garrette Custom Homes

How hard could building a custom house be? Drop by Home Depot, get some lumber, a few boxes of nails, and bing-bang-boom you have a house. Or no, that’s a shed. It’s a bad shed. But all those YouTube videos made it seem so easy…

How does Garrette Custom Homes (GCH) build a home in 6 months? Considering the steps from getting permits approved, breaking ground, all the way to them handing the keys over to you – it can sound like a daunting process.

GCH is a team of PNW locals that truly understand how complementary the scenery of Mt. Rainier is to a peaceful lifestyle. Their homebuilding process in Tehaleh tends to aim toward highlighting the unique features of each individual family while providing that supreme access to the highland’s natural beauty.

A growing Tehaleh

Jennifer Clarke, Sales Manager at Garrette Custom Homes, is anticipating an exciting year for new builds in Tehaleh. As a Tehaleh resident, she knows how enticing Tehaleh is for young families. Raising her two daughters here has given her a sense of calm and a confidence in what Tehaleh represents for families of all ages. Especially in an upcoming neighborhood you’ve likely heard some chirpings about: Glacier Pointe.

“Tehaleh really does attract everybody,” she says. “People who love being close to nature. People who value that sense of community. People who want a balance between suburban life, but still have access to Target or Costco and all of those amenities. It's kind of the best of both of those worlds.”

Buying is all about planning.

As Garrette begins to roll out its sales in February, there will be an office on site for those curious homebuyers. There, you’re likely to run into Shannon, who is leading the sales team for the 8 lots in the neighborhood.

Shannon can help you the find the right floor plan for your needs. Want to add a powder room? Bedroom? Make it suitable as a multi-gen home? Shannon’s extensive experience as a builder acts as a lending hand to guide you toward that perfect plan.

New Home Design Studio

If you’ve ever played the popular videogame, The Sims, you’re probably very excited about the design process. While you can’t use the “rosebud” cheat to have unlimited funds, you can get a sense of what design choices cost in real time at the GCH New Home Design Studio. One of GCH’s designers, Kai, is an expert who can help unleash your creativity.

“Kai is amazing at taking a vision board and transforming that into your happy place,” Jennifer says. “We can do live pricing in the studio so that people can play around with both the finishes and the budget and really leave feeling great about this approach.”

Your new build is a team effort.

The best things in life come from the company you keep. To stay focused on fulfilling on an absolute dream home, the teams responsible for picturing blue skies, managing budgets and expectations, and creating a dwelling from a blueprint – they’ve got to cover the gamut.

“We have designers, construction supervisors, customer care staff, and the whole team is dedicated to delivering quality work,” Jennifer says. “Our customer care team remains committed to supporting the homeowners a year after they move in.”

From choosing a one-story to two-story home, considering add-ons, curating the right design aesthetics, down to the little details and walk throughs along the way – Jennifer sees the GCH team as the one she would want to build her own home. “People have to know that they can trust you and that in the end, their home is going to be just what they want.” 

Get in touch with us to learn more about Garrette Custom Homes and be sure to stay tuned for more updates in Glacier Pointe at Tehaleh!

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