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09 October . 2018

Hiking in Tehaleh

Washington State is widely known for its “near nature, near perfect” ambiance. From the Pacific Ocean and Mount Rainier to the Gorge and Puget Sound, Washington is the perfect place for active individuals and families to set down roots.

If you’re looking for a place that combines unique fitness opportunities in nature, great schools, choice dining, and stellar views of Mount Rainier, then Tehaleh is just what you need. Our community boasts nearly 30+ miles of nature trails, 13 parks (including a dog park), and more than 1,800 acres of open space to explore. The incredible views and hiking trails are two of the many reasons Seattle-area residents are relocating to Tehaleh, Washington’s top-selling new home community.

Why Take Up Hiking?
If you’re not already into hiking, then Tehaleh will provide the perfect opportunity to start this rewarding hobby.

Whether you’re hiking up mountains, over hills, along plains, or through forests, it’s a great and increasingly rare chance in today’s style of living to connect with the world around you, with nature and with yourself!

Hiking requires very little to get started and it can offer many long-term benefits. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes and a bottle of water at the very least. For longer hikes, bring a backpack for the essentials.

Because hiking is low impact, it’s a sport that you can do for the rest of your life. Aside from the health benefits of physical activity, hiking allows you to get outside with family, friends and neighbors. With over 30 miles of trails, Tehaleh has created an excellent spot for anyone who enjoys being in nature.

Tehaleh Trails

Tehaleh was specifically designed with outdoor living in mind. With many trails winding through the community, residents have lots of space to go out and explore.

Forest Loop, one of Tehaleh’s most popular trails, is a 3.31-mile hike that provides a scenic stroll around the community. Like many of the trails in Tehaleh, it winds through neighborhoods, pines, rocks, and wetlands connecting not only homes and schools, but also neighbors. You’ll feel a great sense of community as you step out and start exploring Tehaleh.

Residents in Tehaleh have taken it upon themselves to bring geocaching to the community. It’s an exciting game that has massively grown in popularity, and Tehaleh now has many geocaches hidden throughout the area. Popular hiding spots include parks, trailhead signs, and large rocks along the trails.

Geocaching gives a fun twist to your hiking adventure and allows you to explore new areas of the community. Learn more about how residents in Tehaleh are interacting with this fun game.

Parks and Trails for Everyone
Tehaleh’s trails are designed for every skill level, making them accessible to the whole community for activities such as hiking and biking. For those days when you just want a relaxing stroll or hang-out spot, our parks provide the perfect getaway.

  • Forest Park – Wander around the paths and experience the beauty of outdoor living when you find our living room in the forest.
  • Hounds Hollow – We love it when our furry friends have space to run around and let loose. Bring your pooch here for an off-the-leash, fun-filled afternoon.
  • The Edge – Take advantage of the skatepark and graffiti wall, or pick up a friendly one-on-one game at the half basketball court. Make sure you don’t miss the meadow area, trails, and seat walls.
  • Yonder – Wetlands, trails and lawn converge here for all nature lovers in the family to enjoy.
  • Sprouts Holler – With soccer and baseball fields, a playground, sports court, scooter park, trails, and a sledding hill, this is a kid’s dream park.
  • Boulder Dash – Includes a playground, picnic spot, climbable boulders, and more—all with stunning views of Mount Rainier in the background.
  • Knoll Park – A great place to unwind with relaxing benches and trails for exploring.
  • Big Sky Park – This colossal park offers water channels, a zip line, T-Rex ribs for climbing, trailheads, bocce and picnic areas—perfect for spending the day with the family.
  • Ponder – This picturesque spot is near the entrance to Tehaleh and ideal for relaxing near the pond.
  • Sticks ‘n‘ Stones – This park encompasses the Tehaleh outdoor life with views of Mount Rainier, boulders, stumps and logs to climb plus natural play and lawn areas and picnic areas.
  • Expedition Grove – This exciting park is an excellent spot for curious kids looking to embark on a journey of discovery with a climbing tree fort, totem pole and animal prints.

Surrounded by Nature

With nature comes wildlife and the residents of Tehaleh have the opportunity to see some of the native animals to Washington state, which includes:

  • Bald Eagle – Our national animal makes its home around Tehaleh as a bird of prey that hunts along rivers and streams. Look for these eagles soaring through the sky as they head to and from their large nests called aerie.
  • Elk – In the spring you can catch Elk migrating from higher altitudes to the Carbon River.
  • Cooper’s Hawk – This medium-sized hawk hunts primarily small birds in densely vegetated areas near Tehaleh. Interestingly, the female Cooper’s Hawk is larger than the male.
  • Deer Mouse – Unless you’re roaming the trails of Tehaleh late at night, you’re unlikely to spot a Deer Mouse as these animals are nocturnal and feed on seeds, leaves, and fruits that they bring to their nests in high hollow trees.

You can use Tehaleh’s handy trail guide to help navigate the walking trails in the community and also to help visitors spot their native neighbors.

Mount Rainier National Park
The majestic beauty of Mount Rainier is impossible to miss. As one of the tallest mountains in North America, its stunning presence draws the eye.

Mount Rainier National Park offers more than 260 miles of maintained trails that lead through peaceful old-growth forests of the river valley to high subalpine meadows on the flanks of Mount Rainier. Through these trails – with a variety for all skill levels – you can explore the forests, lakes and streams and view the fields of wildflowers and network of glaciers.

With easy access to Mount Rainier National Park—only a short drive away, the hiking opportunities for Tehaleh residents would take a lifetime to fully explore.

Committed to the Future
Tehaleh is continuing to grow, but as a master-planned community designed around nature and outdoor living, Tehaleh promises to stay close to its eco-friendly, open space roots. Look for future expansion of the parks and trails on our website, including the Forest Park area with an already planned 20-acre expansion in the works for this tree filled area.

For more information come visit us at The Post, our visitor information center, or check out our Future Plans page. 

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