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26 July . 2020

Planning Makes Perfect in Tehaleh

Are you one of the many people who have driven through our awe-inspiringly beautiful community and wondered how it could seem so perfect? Well, here is a look at what goes into the planning and why so many people are finding their perfect home and community in Tehaleh.


To guide the vision and concept planning, the development team identified certain planning principles that amplify and maximize the natural attributes of the land, the demand in the market, and the preferences of potential homebuyers into key differentiators of the community.


These planning principles are:


  • Maximize the community’s close proximity to Mount Rainier and present the view as a focal point within the neighborhoods, employment center, and gathering places throughout the community.


  • Integrate the forest with the built environment throughout the community, saving the natural forest edges, enhancing the preserved open space, and protecting the wildlife corridors through innovative stewardship.


  • Respect and utilize the natural topography, protect and emulate the natural hydrology to ensure more effective and efficient land development and water management.


  • Ensure a high level of connectivity throughout the community and the greater surrounding community with a system of recreational, civic, retail, and employment cores that are within walking distance of the different neighborhoods.


  • Create an authentic sense of place throughout the community with iconic buildings, architectural elements, and landscape character that identify the different community cores, neighborhoods, and gathering places, and reflect the preferences of the target buyer groups.


  • Support this sense of place with human-scale neighborhood design focused on a diversity of home types and architectural styles intentionally designed for all buyer groups.


In short, who doesn’t love knowing that they live in a community where so much thought and effort have been put into making their special place perfect!  Find your special place within Tehaleh here.