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27 June . 2023

A Hoot and a Holler: Celebrate the Perfect Summer Day in Tehaleh

Summer’s best weather calls for a well-spent day in the PNW. Use those vacation days, gas up/electrify the car, head on a camping trip, or enjoy the local fun to kick off this stellar summer!

Mt. Rainier makes a stunning backdrop for any summer activities and the secret sauce to your next celebration is to maximize the fun in Tehaleh. Fingers crossed it’s a bright blue skied day, but rain or shine Tehaleh will provide a perfect basecamp for all the activities you and your family could want.

Here’s the Tehaleh itinerary to make your 4th extra special:

7am – Wake up and throw on your favorite summery outfit. Clean up the yard and set up all those fun lawn games.

8am – Fix up some breakfast or go down the street to Café D'arte to grab a coffee and a quick bite. After enjoying the views by the fire pit, head back home and wake the rest of the family up by blasting "Saturday Night" at about 9am.

9:30am – Fill the bike tires. Pack some snacks. It’s time for a family bike ride around Tehaleh. Head out in style.

11am – Return from the bike ride. Mosey around. Maybe have a quick nap.

12pm – Start blasting some tunes again. Announce the start to the backyard cornhole competition. Find a solid Summer Smash Hits playlist. The family will slowly trickle in from their own naps. Likely arriving with a hungry stomach which also means:

12:30pm – Firing up the grill. The first of the day. Nothing better. Burgers for lunch? Absolutely. Burgers for dinner? There are no rules today except for one: be the grill master you wish to see in Tehaleh.

1pm – Start dishing out those burgers and dogs. Then nosh like it’s nobody’s business.

2pm – The kids, full of delicious grub, are doing the unimaginable: running and sliding belly down on the slip ‘n slide. Bold move. You notice the ice you bought yesterday has sadly transformed into plain old water. Last minute grocery store run. Fill the cooler with ice, check out the traffic in town, see what’s happening in your neck of the woods.

3pm – Finish packing the cooler with popsicles, beverages, and all the goods. Get baseball bats, hats, balls, and gloves and stow them in the bike cargo or car, gather up the family and meander over to Sprouts Holler.

3:30pm – The baseball crew has arrived, and your inaugural summer baseball game is on its way. Invite everybody over to your house later for the barbeque of the century.

5:30pm – Win or lose the baseball game completely wiped out the last bit of the day's adrenaline, so it’s time to head back home and take a revitalizing snooze in the hammock, sofa, recliner...or whichever seat you sit in first.


6:30pm – Up and at ‘em. A whiff of the neighbors grill pulls you up out of your delirium and before you know it you’re back at the grill for round 2. The Tehaleh vibes can only get better with some proper tuneage. You sing along to Rocketman, and the kids escape out of the house looking for some reprieve with their friends.

7pm – The pangs of hunger are showing among the crowd. The kids brought their friends and their parents over. The parents brought their friends. The baseball team trickles in. You whip up some guacamole, a bowl of salsa, and empty a full bag of tortilla chips into a serving bowl. That’ll hold them over. You get back to the grill and you enter Zen mode to complete the task at hand. Born in the USA is playing on the speakers for the 5th time today. Pure Zen.

7:30pm – The biggest plate of burgers, dogs, brats, and veggies works its way around the table. Ice cream sandwiches are had, the kids are back on the slip n slide, and the adults are swapping stories about latest Tehaleh community event.

9pm – The big day continues and it’s time to get everybody packed up and ready for the movie screening at Discovery Park. Chairs, cooler, and some buttered popcorn are all taken along for the ride. You and the family take one of the trails to get there and find a great spot in the grass as the last of the sun goes down. Sit back, and enjoy the show. That's a summer day well spent in Tehaleh.

As you prepare your own summer adventures, you may also be curious about what it’s like to live in Tehaleh. We certainly know how to celebrate and we’re happy to show you what makes this community studded lifestyle so vibrant. Reach out to us and we’ll connect you to a Tehaleh ambassador

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