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09 January . 2024

Get Your Valentine's Day in Order- Tehaleh Style

Time to mark that calendar now. This year, Valentine’s Day gets a Wednesday glow up! Are you planning something on the day itself? Or do you have reservations in mind for the following weekend? How about a bit of both?

We’ll take a look at what to do for Valentine’s Day in Tehaleh to make sure you can make a memorable and meaningful date night for you and your special someone.

Go beyond your comfort zone.

Ideas for date night can often seem hard to conjure up – either you’re still recovering from gift-giving for the holidays, or you might be stumped over what you can plan that’s not in your typical “date night” rotation. Something out of the ordinary can mark the holiday well.

Too cool for school? Take up a class together.

You won’t have to get the whole class assorted Valentine’s Day cards for this one. Find a fun activity that can bring out the inner creativity from both of you.

One bonus about taking a class: you don’t necessarily have to leave the house. Get private one on one lessons from some of the most talented teachers around…all from the comfort of your own home. Take a look at YouTube, Skillshare, or even find an AirBnB Online Experience to round it all out.

  • Cooking or baking class. Love going out to get sushi but never tried to make your own? Try a guided class to bring those rolling skills up to par.
  • Sounds slightly intimidating if you don’t have your own table saw, yet there’s plenty you can make before building that immaculate oak dresser you’ve always dreamed of. Try spoon carving and get to know the basics of wood whittling. You’ll be on your front porch rocker letting time idle away in no time.
  • TikTok and Instagram have brought pottery back to life. Get your supplies at Michael’s or Ben Franklin for your at-home pottery date night. There was a Ghost joke here, but it disappeared.
  • Glass making. Inspired by the Chihuly glass all around the Puget Sound? Check out the Puget Sound Mobile Glass Blowing class schedule and make a shared gift that’s uniquely yours.

You both deserve that extra self-care.

A middle of the winter self-care day is something everybody needs. Refresh and invigorate. Make it a gift or, even better, get that couple’s 2-for-1 you’ve been wanting to do for some time.

  • Massage Time Spa in Puyallup offers 60, 90, and 120 minute massages for two. Book ahead as this is likely a popular Valentine’s Day activity.
  • Get Hot Yoga Studio brings balance to the mind, body, and spirit. While there are yoga classes available, there’s also a 5-day trip to Greece in May if you want to astound everybody on the block. For a slightly more accessible $70 you can book a 2-person sauna appointment.

A night on the town.

How about one night without the classic back-and-forth “what’s for dinner” dance? Get those reservations in place and dine out at a nearby restaurant that’ll impress both your palates.

  • Toscanos Italian Grill. Feeling filet mignon or yearning for that classic king salmon?
  • Oxbow Urban Kitchen. For your land and sea desires, paired with excellent drinks and apps.
  • HG Bistro. Sharing is caring and this menu has small plates and bites designed for your romantic night.
  • Trapper’s Sushi. Your friendly Bonney Lake sushi spot mixes local flavors and classics at a great price.
  • Karma Indian Cuisine and Lounge. Flavor filled dishes in a quaint family-run restaurant kick in that date night spice.

Start your date night right.

Whether you’re making a delicious meal in the kitchen, taking a class, heading out on the town, or winding down with a self-care date: your home in Tehaleh is a launchpad for world class delights. Nearby Tacoma and Seattle extend your choices even further.

Take advantage of the endless options across the Puget Sound and there will always be a fresh and revitalizing escape for you and your partner to enjoy.

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