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31 January . 2018

The YouTube Star Next Door

Did you know? We’ve got an internet sensation right here in Tehaleh who’s been under our nose this whole time. Nikki Martineau – wife to a local police officer, stay-at-home mom, design enthusiast, thrifter, Instagrammer and popular lifestyle YouTuber of This Robin’s Nest – is perched happily in our community. 

Nikki’s search for a farmhouse in the country kept bringing her back to Tehaleh where she was drawn to the home values and Newland dedication to protecting the forests and open space within the community. “When you don’t have nature right outside your door, you don’t make it a priority, and you don’t get to refresh your mind and body. In Tehaleh, it’s all laid out for you – you look out the window, see the trees, and you want to take a walk. It’s an opportunity to reset,” she said.

“Ironically we chose a house from Brookstone Homes which is a Northwest-modern contemporary builder – the polar opposite of what we thought we were looking for,” Nikki laughed. “I could just tell it was right – the quality and design appealed to me and I knew I could ‘farmhouse it up’ over time.”

The backdrop to many of her videos, Nikki explained, “The home feels really grand without having to be 4,000 square feet!” She loves her open floor plan, the sweeping staircase balcony with tons of sunlight, and how she can see her seven-year-old daughter from pretty much anywhere in the home.

Nikki started her YouTube channel because she was looking for a fun, creative outlet. Her videos range from incorporating farmhouse décor into your home to thrifting, yard sales (always adding to her milk glass collection) and seasonal decorating. “I love the thrill of finding things that are inexpensive and using them to add character to my home. I’m a stay-at-home mom so I’m doing the best with what we have, on a budget, and making it fun.” Nikki’s videos have attracted a pretty large following on YouTube—she has 13,000 subscribers, and her videos have as many as 39,000 views!

Over on Instagram, her page is filled with beautiful pictures from all corners of her life, often featuring adorable photos of her daughter, Bella Rose (a budding YouTube star herself at This Little Chickadee). “It’s so easy to capture natural, beautiful photography here. Our walks along the trails inspire some of my favorite pictures!” Nikki said that she loves walking the trails, which is hands down her family’s favorite activity – they even walk to school at Donald Eismann Elementary where Bella Rose is currently a second grader.

“Our walks are a time to connect with family, a time to relax when the world around us is so busy. You walk out your door and find nature, clear your mind, look for painted rocks, have discussions about your day, walk the dog. It’s a bigger picture of overall wellness and health – Tehaleh is a sanctuary.”

Some of Nikki’s favorite moments are rooted at home. Every night over the summer, she spent evenings with her daughter in the backyard playhouse where they would sit and eat ice cream while watching the sunset. “You can see the stars out here!” she said with excitement.

Nikki has built a truly wonderful nest in Tehaleh. To find yours, visit the Homefinder today.