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31 October . 2017

A Brighter Winter

A Brighter Winter in Tehaleh

Winter has settled in at Tehaleh and though the days are darker, we have a few seasonal makeover tips
to maximize your days and turn your home into a haven of light, warmth, and cheer.

Get outside
First off, and we know it’s not a decorating tip, but warming your heart through winter is as necessary as
warming the house. The best way to embrace the winter season is to enjoy the daylight hours,
meandering through our 20+ miles of trails, exploring 11 unique parks, and by taking in the awe-inspiring
view of Mt. Rainier, by the fire pit, with a latte from Caffé D’arte at The Post. Soak it up, warm your
bones, and bring that positive energy back home with you.

Rearrange the furniture
Bring light to places people most love to gather by arranging your furniture to face prominent sources of
light. Gather chairs and sofas around the fireplace, or nestle a loveseat under the window. Tehaleh
homebuilders, Noffke Homes and Brookstone Homes have incorporated extra windows and large scale
sliding doors to flood living spaces with light. Builders MainVue Homes, HC Homes and Azure Northwest
Homes have created outdoor living spaces with built-in fireplaces that come standard. Thoughtful
choices by the builders mentioned above, as well as Lennar, Oakridge Homes, Pulte Homes, Richmond
American and the active adult neighborhood, Trilogy® at Tehaleh®, make it even easier to enjoy the
outdoors, through every season.

Lighten up your color palette and fabrics
When it comes to winter decorating, maximize the natural light with classic winter-whites in wispy
fabrics. Soft, light shades of white and cream lend an ethereal, lit-from-within touch to the home. Try
soft sheers for the windows, a fluffy white duvet, and bright pillows, which welcome light into the home
while making it feel bright and cozy.

Placing mirrors opposite windows doubles the light that naturally streams in and reflects it throughout
the home. For easy, unexpected ways to incorporate mirrors, consider lining the backs of bookshelves or
hanging several smaller mirrors in a picture gallery. Filling your home with metallic finishes, including
lamps and shiny hardware such as knobs and handles will also help to subtly reflect the light.

Candles lend a warm and cozy glow to a room as a centerpiece on a table or mantel. Place them in a
corner or up on a shelf—you can move these gentle bits of light to just about anywhere in the home. For
those will little ones running around, flameless candles are hazard-free, cord-free, and when placed on a
mirrored base, can further reflect the light.

There’s nothing like a hearty houseplant or fresh sprig of greenery to make a room come alive. The
natural colors invite memories of spring through drab winter days, reviving the senses. Try a tree that
thrives in indirect sunlight or place a few boughs in a vase or on a side table.

Full Spectrum LED’s
These are not your standard LED bulbs – full spectrum bulbs mimic natural sunlight better than regular
bulbs, and they come in nearly every size, shape, and style. These LEDs can help to keep you energized
during the day and more relaxed at night.

Small decorating touches and some outdoor activities can help you enjoy this winter season to the
fullest, in Tehaleh. Start your new home search today by visiting our Homefinder.


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